November 14-15 statistics : 48

The stat for November 14-15 is out. This week sees very limited.

Weekend stats: 48 games

The context is necessarily not favorable given that most of the championships are stopped. However, this weekend we had 48 games played, league or practice games.

We have recorded games in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Poland, Iran, Kosovo and France.

Tuto 18 – Update player information during a game

You can now edit a player during a game. 

If you make a mistake in the number, name or surname, you can change this information at any time during the game.

When you enter a player, his or her full name will appear at the bottom of the screen and will remain there as long as he or she is selected.  By double-clicking on this name, a window opens and allows you to modify its content.

You need more information ? You can search in FAQ page or through other video tutorials (or on our Youtube channel)

Update 0.18.2 (October 27th)

The new 0.18.2 update has just been released for Android on Oct 27th. Release available on iOS since Oct 30th.

A demo team – Steazzi Dream Team

A test team is available to carry out your first tests. No configuration is required. You have a match ready to be launched and a finished match to consult. So you can have a complete overview during and after the match. This team also allows you to consult the Premium options (in yellow).

Choose your language

We have added a drop-down menu to choose your language on the home page (click on the three lines in the top left corner).

Game creation

When creating a home match, if you entered a location during your last home match, it will be automatically completed. No need to re-enter the information!

During a game

The full name of the player appears on the bottom of the field when the player is selected.

You can now update the player’s name, first name or number during a match. To do this, simply double click on the player’s name that appears.
See the tutorial

A player who takes 2 minutes or a red card is automatically benched. It is then up to you to put him back on the field.

The blue card is added.

When a player is on the bench, you can now select him. This will bring up a new menu to allow you to give that player a red, blue or 2min card.

“Goals” view in stats area has been updated. We took advantage of this to integrate the shots out of frame and counter shots.

We have updated some translations too in German and English.

Enjoy this update 0.18.2 !

If you want to check previous update, see Update 0.17.2

Weekend statistic – October 10-11

The stat of October 10-11 is out. We still have matches all over the world. The stat of the weekend is the number of goals in a same game.

Weekend statistic : 69 goals

This is the number of goals scored in a single game this weekend. Last week we were in Germany, this week we are in France.

Game result : 50-19.  Quite rare to see the 50 goals mark reached on one match!

It is closely followed by a Spanish game, which was much tighter with a total of 67 goals for a score of 35-32.

However the record since the beginning of September is a little bit higher with 71 goals on a game that took place in Belgium with the score of 44 to 27 !

Tuto 17 – New Premium view on Server

Goals timeline on Server is now available !

Few weeks ago we introduced a new view on the App with an instant goals timeline view during a game view. This view is now available on server and is more interactive. You can analyze, share or print this view like the other ones. 

You can show this view in two modes : horizontal and vertical modes. Both of them have advantages. Vertical one is more confortable for smartphone.

You need more information ? You can search in FAQ page or through other video tutorials (or on our Youtube channel)

Update 0.17.2 (Sept 25th)

Update 0.17.2. This new update will allow you to discover new functionalities and to simplify some uses.

Game creation phase
– When creating a game, you now have the ability to select all the players of your team in one single action.

When launching a game
– You have the choice to display your players (by name or surname)
View the video (24 sec)

During the game
– During a break, a time-out or halftime, you can now enter an action on a smartphone and tablet.

– At half time, the match is automatically synchronized with the server (if you are connected to the data network).

– If you are out of step with the stopwatch, you can now add or subtract time (using 10 or 30 second increments). 

Application Home page
– Link to support and FAQ (in the menu)

– Steazzi Premium Feature: Goal view is enriched with goalkeeper stoppages

– How to update or delete action using smartphone
View the video (53 sec)

Update 0.17.2 is applicable on both android and iOS platform and on smartphone and tablet. Just enjoy !

You can check your version by clicking on the menu (top left) when you launch the app.

If your version is not updated, you can configure for an automatic update or go to the appstore or playstore to update the app manually.

Steazzi Handball Statistics

Update 0.16.1

One month after the launch, here is this week a major update which integrates a lot of new features in the application

  • Three new features for goalkeepers
  • A new event for players
  • Visualization of the evolution of the goals in real time
  • Direct access to your server statistics
  • Introduction of the new background visual

What’s new for goalies?

Three major new features to improve the relevance of statistics for goalies. 

1/ Specific events for goalkeepers

First of all, new specific events have been added for goalies, whether in attack or defense.  Until now, goalies had the same events as outfield players. Here are the novelties and you find these elements on the server side of course !

2/ Increase the number of visible opponent players

Number of opponent players on the tablet format increases from 8 to 11 players. All active opponent players will be visible most of the time.

3/ Filter statistics according to the opponent players

Finally, and perhaps the most expected functionality, statistics consultations. If, on tablet version, during games, you enter the numbers of the opponent players, you will now be able to filter the shots received by your goalkeeper according to the opponents. Thus you can refine your analysis. This feature is available during the game and after the game.

What’s new for players ?

A new event has been added on players side with “2 minutes provoked” in attack events

Visualization of game evolution in real time

Another major update in terms of real time match analysis. 

You can now view in one click the evolution of the goals scored and conceded in timeline format during the game and by halftime.

This view is available by clicking on Statistics and Goals.

Here is an example with a 3×10 minutes game.

Direct access to server statistics

You can now access your server private area directly from the application. The only condition is to be connected to the network to access it. This access is available from the statistics view or when you are in a game statistics. It is materialized in the following way :

Introduction to new visual as a background 

Our communication will be enriched by a new visual in the background, a player on an extension shot.

You will gradually find it in our communication under different variations. Many thanks to Mylène for this illustration.

Steazzi is in Spain

One tweet from our partner Aleix Perez has moved the spanish handball community after Steazzi’s launch. The news spread and in 36 hours, more than 250 spanish coaches registered on Steazzi.

Result : we have new spanish speaking users from Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica and even … Japan.

Cherry on the cake, here is our first article on DeporteCienPorCien’s website!

Thank you to everyone taking part in this adventure with us !