Steazzi FAQ to assist you

Steazzi frequently asked questions will help you to go through some questions you may have. Just click on the question to get the answer. 

Smartphone / tablet app

Yes, the iOS and android app have the same functionalities.

You will find the same core functionalities on both platforms. Whoever, on tablets two functionalities are added :  personalized team actions and the possibility to select the opponent players (optional).

No, not at this time. A field player cannot become a goalkeeper during a game.

Yes, during a match it is possible for the goalkeeper to score. When you select the goalkeeper, a double arrow appears above the player. Click on it and the goalkeeper becomes a regular player.

To move a player, select the player and scroll upwards to move theme to the bench, and swipe downwards to move a player from the bench to the field (vertical movement only).

On Android, the problem has appeared on tablet that hadn’t been updated in a long time. Try updating your tablet and relaunching the application.

You can modify or delete an event whenever you want during a game on either smartphone or tablet.  Watch this article to discover how to do it on smartphone.


You can sign in on the server using this link or by clicking on the menu option ‘My account’.

No account is created for the server. Your account (login and password) is created on your first login into the application.

Click on the menu option ‘My account’ and then on ‘I have forgotten my passord’.

Not currently. Your team is always a salmon color. The opponent’s team is always in grey.

If your game statistics are not visible on the server, this is probably due to the fact that your tablet or smartphone was not connected the the internet during the time you used the application. You can synchronize afterwards. Once you are connected to the internet, go to the specific match’ statistics and the synchronization will be done.

If you are Steazzi Premium, you can generate a printable view of your game statistics. You can either directly print it or save in a pdf format for example.

No, this format is not available.

If you are Steazzi Premium, you can can share a private URL of the game you want. The recipient will have access to game statistics only. This allows you to share statistics without sharing your account.

We update on regular basis Steazzi frequently asked questions page. However, if you don’t find your solution, you can contact us or look at video tutorials (each one last less than one minute)