Statistics analysis of last handball Women’s euro 2020 to anticipate Olympic tournament

In almost three months should, we hope, begin the women’s Olympic handball tournament.

This is an opportunity for us to come back to the statistics of the Euro women’s handball 2020 of last December and to analyze this last European tournament from a statistical point of view.

Statistics analysis of last women handball euro 2020

Steazzi was for the event associated with Entrainement handball to take the statistics of a maximum of teams during this tournament. We called on amateur coaches. Each was assigned a team and then used Steazzi to take the stats.

We have defined the priority axes which have been:

  • team statistics rather than individual statistics
  • compare and analyze defensive and offensive behavior on a collective scale.

You will therefore find in this summary both statistics by teams and statistics by theme.

The shared data is not the official data but the data entered by each of the coaches. There may be some inaccuracies but the overall result is representative.

Is the actual ranking consistent?

We had fun making a classification of the event based on the statistics. Is the end result consistent with the statistics or not?

Answer in the summary to download above 🙂

And now Olympic games ?

It is difficult to make predictions from these results, but trends are emerging. After the context is different. Eight European teams will meet in the tournament, three in group A and five in group B. Only Brazil in group B will be a non-European country.

We will see if there is any consistency in the qualifications between the results of the euro and the Olympic tournament. Either way, the results will be tight.


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