The Team

The team is composed of passionate people in their respective field(s). This team is also composed of all our friends who help us in various fields such as translation, testing, communication, etc. We will introduce them to you soon!

Steazzi is a project leaded by Au-delà des Possibles Inc, a canadian company founded by Franck


Handball player & Globe trotter
Former player and coach, he had this idea in mind for a long time. Based in Montreal, he will take you around the world of handball.



Virtuoso of mobile apps.
It’s magical to see the lines of code playing in unison with this composer across all platforms


Jedi of the servers.
Statistics you will tame. He knows how to talk to numbers and is always on the lookout for the invisible detail that will make the difference.


Experience & Transition
Maxime has been there since the beginning of the story as a developer. On the new version, he is focused on your user experience.


Miss communication and design
Developer one one side and designer on the other, she takes care of the communication in both French and English. She is the link between the team and you.

The story

Steazzi was born a few years ago in a different form. As a former player and coach, I (Franck) have spent over twenty years on Handball fields. As a coach or assistant coach, statistics have become key elements in progressing and moving teams forward.

It all started with a under 14 yo team. Like everyone else, we started with paper and pencil. This approach allowed us to identify the key information we wanted to retrieve. A few months later, using a spreadsheet at the edge of the field with a laptop to enter information. With a few models and macros to analyze the whole. The information gathered turned out to be much more complete and impactful.

The smartphone version started with a student project with Maxime and Baptiste. This version has been structured with the help of Antoine to build the user experience. So we had a portable solution to manage the statistics. Just to share, we put the application on the android Play store without expecting anything.

August 2019, we take a closer look at the activity and we had 70 teams that used the app regularly. So I was perhaps not the only one looking for this type of solution.

Our approach: do not communicate and see over a few months whether there is a need for it or not.

Result: 6 months later we have grown to over 250 teams using Steazzi. 75% of users are in France, 20% in Germany and loyal users in Belgium, Tunisia, Switzerland, Brazil… Still without any communication and only on the Android platform.

Last September we therefore mobilized a super powered team with Bruno, Xavier, Léa and Maxime. With the help of our most assiduous users (coaches and parents), we have worked hard to offer you a complete solution that allows you to be autonomous all the way through with a solution available on Android and iOS, smartphone and tablet including now a server.

Steazzi’s goal is to make statistics accessible to all handball teams on the planet regardless of your skill level. To know how to use it, you just need to be passionate about handball like us.

Playing is fun. Taking statistics will be fun too.

That’s all 🙂