Update 0.16.1

One month after the launch, here is this week a major update which integrates a lot of new features in the application

  • Three new features for goalkeepers
  • A new event for players
  • Visualization of the evolution of the goals in real time
  • Direct access to your server statistics
  • Introduction of the new background visual

What’s new for goalies?

Three major new features to improve the relevance of statistics for goalies. 

1/ Specific events for goalkeepers

First of all, new specific events have been added for goalies, whether in attack or defense.  Until now, goalies had the same events as outfield players. Here are the novelties and you find these elements on the server side of course !

2/ Increase the number of visible opponent players

Number of opponent players on the tablet format increases from 8 to 11 players. All active opponent players will be visible most of the time.

3/ Filter statistics according to the opponent players

Finally, and perhaps the most expected functionality, statistics consultations. If, on tablet version, during games, you enter the numbers of the opponent players, you will now be able to filter the shots received by your goalkeeper according to the opponents. Thus you can refine your analysis. This feature is available during the game and after the game.

What’s new for players ?

A new event has been added on players side with “2 minutes provoked” in attack events

Visualization of game evolution in real time

Another major update in terms of real time match analysis. 

You can now view in one click the evolution of the goals scored and conceded in timeline format during the game and by halftime.

This view is available by clicking on Statistics and Goals.

Here is an example with a 3×10 minutes game.

Direct access to server statistics

You can now access your server private area directly from the application. The only condition is to be connected to the network to access it. This access is available from the statistics view or when you are in a game statistics. It is materialized in the following way :

Introduction to new visual as a background 

Our communication will be enriched by a new visual in the background, a player on an extension shot.

You will gradually find it in our communication under different variations. Many thanks to Mylène for this illustration.

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