Update 0.18.2 (October 27th)

The new 0.18.2 update has just been released for Android on Oct 27th. Release available on iOS since Oct 30th.

A demo team – Steazzi Dream Team

A test team is available to carry out your first tests. No configuration is required. You have a match ready to be launched and a finished match to consult. So you can have a complete overview during and after the match. This team also allows you to consult the Premium options (in yellow).

Choose your language

We have added a drop-down menu to choose your language on the home page (click on the three lines in the top left corner).

Game creation

When creating a home match, if you entered a location during your last home match, it will be automatically completed. No need to re-enter the information!

During a game

The full name of the player appears on the bottom of the field when the player is selected.

You can now update the player’s name, first name or number during a match. To do this, simply double click on the player’s name that appears.
See the tutorial

A player who takes 2 minutes or a red card is automatically benched. It is then up to you to put him back on the field.

The blue card is added.

When a player is on the bench, you can now select him. This will bring up a new menu to allow you to give that player a red, blue or 2min card.

“Goals” view in stats area has been updated. We took advantage of this to integrate the shots out of frame and counter shots.

We have updated some translations too in German and English.

Enjoy this update 0.18.2 !

If you want to check previous update, see Update 0.17.2