Understand, Progress, Enjoy

Steazzi is the dedicated handball statistics app and solution. Our goal is to help you in your players and teams progression. Steazzi is designed for coaches, assistant coaches, players and passionated parents.

Playing is fun, taking statistics will be soon too.

You have a demo team integrated !
You can test directly ! Steazzi is translated in 9 languages.

No infrastructure

A smartphone or a tablet. That’s enough to take your handball team’s statistics. The handball statistics app is available on iOS and Android. Tablet version contains additional functionalities.

At first,  create your teams, plan your games and enter the most useful statistics for your team. Then, you will then be able to view, analyze and understand details that matter.

You have the lead. That’s the reason why Steazzi is your solution to manage your handball statistics.

You have a plan. Steazzi will assist you

Our goal goal is to assist you. Enter statistics that are meaningful to your team, related to your game plan.

Then, you can start with basic information up to all the game interactions  (goals, fouls, events, penalties). Depending of your goals, you can focus on players, goalies, or both.

Identify what do you need at the beginning. Steazzi will allow you to evolve over time and at your own pace. You can also check tutorials. We add new tutorials on a regular basis

Progress step by step

Enter information using your tablet or smartphone. Then, you can analyze your statistics on your account, dedicated area on the Steazzi server.

You will have a full restitution whether at the team or individual level, the details of the shooting and impact zones as well as the evolution of your team during the game. To make it short, it’s a mine of information which will be at your disposal.

Two modes will be available, Basic and Premium mode. Premium mode allows you to access to detailed analysis and you have the ability to easy share your statistics with coaches or players.
Discover advantages to use Steazzi Premium

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Progress together

We evolve with our users. Our co-creative approach enables us to progress together to provide you with the solution best suited to your current needs and to maintain this ability to adapt continuously.

Keep it simple

Let's keep it simple. Behind simple, we mean an intuitive, visual, and ergonomic approach at all stages of your experience. You can focus on what's important to you.

Develop an universal approach

The solution is designed to be used by teams of all ages, all levels and all countries with a playful side. This universal approach is also part of the media used, the languages ​​and the cost of the solution.

Be specific

Our goal is to support you in improving the performance of your teams. Each sport is specific. Our focus is dedicated to the world of Handball statistics.